Choose instructional materials using student and teacher data.

  • Problem With Textbooks

    Textbooks don't change even though instruction should each year. On average teachers still spend 12 hours per week planning since textbooks aren't getting the job done.

  • Student Success

    With BTL you can select new courses each year based on data on student success scores, student engagement scores, and teacher effectiveness ratings improving student success outcomes.

  • Instructional Growth

    Be a part a community of likeminded teachers in group discussion, virtual PLCs and video meetups. Learn and grow alongside course creators and teacher leaders.

Why BTL?

How To BTL?

  • Build

    Find and customize 1-8 week BTL courses or upload your own.

  • Teach

    Teach our courses in Google Classroom or easily print them from our teacher dashboard.

  • Learn

    Maintain, modify or select new courses each year supported by real data.

Loved By Teachers


TOSA Bellflower Unified

I love BTL. We can make changes every year using data to improve instruction. It's so easy to use and great being involved in the learning community. :)