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  • Earn Money

    For every teacher who joins your course and again every year they stay.

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    Share your course and passion with other teachers.

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    Work alongside teachers who have the same interests.

Featured BTL Builders

Alecia McGill

Alecia McGill currently serves as a .6 instructional math coach in Bonita Unified Schools while teaching at the High School the other .4. She has taught 9 years in Michigan where she was born and raised as well as 9 years in Southern California after earning her second Masters Degree while raising 3 beautiful children. She’s won Teacher of the Year, once in Michigan and once in California for Lone Hill Middle School. She is the author of the Mathetific Method™ and the MaTh Labs (C) Guided Discovery program. She has presented all across the United States from NCTM to CMC, NY teachers among others spreading the joy of discovery and problem based learning. She enjoys dancing, family time, beaching, bike riding and writing.

Expert Physics Teachers

Aaron & Jesse

Aaron and Jesse have a combined 45+ years experience teaching Physics. In all that time, no program they found satiated their appetite from existing published resources. With generous support from the NSF they created Energizing Physics and they're experts in helping others start Project Based Learning for Physics.

Lead Instructional Specialist

Heather Milo

Heather has over 10 years of experience in both formal and informal science education spaces that vary from middle school science teaching to working as a health educator. She earned her Masters of Science in Science Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, during which she mentored pre-service teachers and researched meaningful student engagement with the science and engineering practices. Her research on teacher learning and meaningful science pedagogy have since informed the development of a national STEM Professional Development program and continues to inform her work at the Institute for School Partnership as the Instructional Specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I share on BTL?

    Our mission is to increase the number of students that achieve success on their courses and decrease teacher's daily workload. Textbook publishers are too far behind today's teachers and it takes way too much work to adapt textbooks to fit today's classroom. Together, we are creating a community to empower teacher's as creators in a community where we can all grow and learn. Teachers know students best! That's why a majority of our BTL courses come from the best teachers.

  • What does BTL offer teachers?

    We offer a platform to share your course with other teachers and collaborate with them as they deliver the course. We make it effortless to make changes and improvements every year and grow your audience of users.

  • What courses should I share?

    Create courses you're passionate about and experienced in. We allow courses on all subjects for teachers working in a K-12 setting.

  • Who can teach?

    BTL does not require formal teaching credentials. But, most of our BTL builders have a wealth of K-12 teaching experience.

  • What does it cost? How do I get paid?

    Listing your course is free! We pay 60% when an instructor course referral link is used. We pay 50% on organic sales where no instructor link is used. We pay 40% when a partner or outside affiliate link is used.